Sweet Ocean Breeze Baby Blanket

Sweet Ocean Breeze Baby Blanket
Sweet Ocean Breeze
Do you ever wander the yarn aisle, find a skein of yarn that you absolutely fall in love with, and come up with a project all based on your love of that yarn? I did that recently when I saw an unfamiliar color of Bernat Satin worsted weight yarn sitting on the shelf at Joann Fabric.

I’d never used Bernat Satin before making My First Baby Blanket, but I immediately became a fan. And when I saw this color, “Sandstone,” I was smitten.

I’m always a sucker for a good, natural color. But I have never found a light ivory or tan that I am really, really excited about. Until now! It’s just so light and airy. So I bought it, along with some Snow and Lagoon, and made my newest project, the Sweet Ocean Breeze Baby Blanket.

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