Simple Daisy Crochet Pattern

Simple Daisy Crochet Pattern
 Crochet flowers 
After making some little bow ties over the weekend, I was in the mood to crochet flowers today. This little daisy crochet pattern is very simple – they might take three minutes to whip up. This little flower is a great beginner crochet pattern, too!
These flowers are great for embellishing hats, blankets, and bags. You may recognize them – I’ve used them to embellish the owl and monkey hats I make for a couple of years now (those patterns are available on my free patterns page). This month, though, I’m planning to make 100 bows and/or flowers to donate to Bow Dazzling. Bow Dazzling is an organization that donates hair bows to girls who are fighting cancer or other serious diseases. Check out their Facebook page if you’re interested in making a donation. I’m unbelievably excited to help spread a little cheer to girls who are going through such a rough time. 

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